Girlande Lince, actress and director

If nobody will put you in a project, create a project yourself. I’ve been saying that forever, a few have actually done so. One of them is Girlande Lince.

Although small in stature, Girlande is a bundle of energy, always moving and doing things. She is fluent in French, has theater experience, has appeared in both film and television. Not afraid of action, often performs her own stunts. But directing is a true passion for her. As she continues to grow, follow her, for you will continue to see more and more of her. The work she is putting in is paying off, and now you can even see her on IMDB now.

Take a look at her latest work “Kill For Love” and “Sweet Burden”. Both of these films have attracted almost 20,000 views a piece! This New York actress is available for projects in film, television and commercials. Email to book her.

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