Girlande is living her dream. NY living, with worldwide dreams!!

Girlande Lince is an actress that is doing everything to make sure that people take notice. From her training in dramatic arts, improv, film/tv technique to her appearances in theater, television and film she has set herself up very well. Now it is time for the nation to see what she can do. Girlande is not shy, loves to try new things, fluent in French, and is dedicated to acting. Athletic, she enjoys action roles with her theater background can portray any dramatic role.

Girlande is the actress you should book for your upcoming television, film or commercial. Don’t miss your chance to have her add to your project!!

3 Responses to “Girlande is living her dream. NY living, with worldwide dreams!!

  • Handz34
    14 years ago

    I saw your in One hour 2 Live
    you were so great, I am a big fan
    you are a great artist I will like to see more of your work

  • Flashspeed
    14 years ago

    You are very beautiful and talented, I was glad to meet you on set I can’t wait to see that tv show. Thank you for adding me on facebook. You are my favorite actress

  • youngchiefo
    14 years ago

    love everything your working on! its me from facebook by the way. i cant wait to see more material….p.s ur beautiful!

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