FW2 Activate!!!!

I’ve know the artist know as Irawniq for several years, and have always thought of her highly. Back in the day there were opportunities that she was not able to take advantage of (The Real World casted her twice for example). Music was always a part of her. I lost touch with her for a bit, then early last year she hits me up to say that she is back and working with someone to form a group. The someone was VC and the group was called Flying Without Wingz. She let me know there were things that they wanted help on and to begin putting some kind of plan together or just get a sense of direction, etc. Slow but sure they put into practice certain things, avoided some definite pitfalls, and started to make things happen. From last year to this year they know have music on ITUNES, secured a record company to work with them, released mixtape, opened for Slum Village, and have performed dozens of shows. Now look for them to venture outside the state of Michigan (based in Grand Rapids) and appear in your city soon! This is a hot, fresh, young duo that will provide musical enjoyment for years to come!! Check them out at www.myspace.com/fw2music and add them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/fw2music. Let them know Chris of IMTM sent you! Also hear them on IMTM Worldwide Radio by visiting www.blogtalkradio.com/imtmworldwide where I interviewed them and also use their music to buffer my show segments. Flying Without Wingz also has a credit on my tv show “Are You Talented? Prove IT!!” and other projects. VC & Irawniq will be taking over 2010!! FW2 Activate!!!

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