Flying Without Wingz, they are “it”

Besides the animated series, besides creating their own label, besides the collaborations with national and international artists, besides their music charting and beating out well known artists, besides their growing fan base, besides their live performances, Flying Without Wingz are two young people with supreme confidence that their current journey can’t and won’t slow down and the best is yet to come.

Now living in Los Angeles, the group has plans on creating their own tour, will begin working on a documentary, new music videos and will have live coverage of their performances. Their cartoon, “The Junk Food Kids” is in development.

Their recent performance at SXSW ( was a tremendous success and have already been asked to perform at several venues next year!

Their new website has the latest in new music, and updates regarding the group as well as all of their links on the world wide web. Listen to the track “Blast Off” from their upcoming mixtape “Mechanism” dropping really soon!

One word to summarize their movement? #Activate!

If you want to see Flying Without Wingz in your city or if you are a promoter, email for info. EPK is available upon request.

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