Fantasia Hudson is her name, do you know her?

Fantasia was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida. This is not the easiest city to reside. For her, growing up was the same as walking through a minefield of bad choices, where stepping in the wrong spot can eliminate you. Low income, crime, drugs, these are constant issues that you face from birth to adulthood. Knowing this, Fantasia strove to avoid following in paths negativity. Her mother, who was a single parent, did much to teaching her how to be strong and work hard.

One of the things that kept Fantasia’s mind on positive things was the world of modeling. The first time she thought about modeling came at age eleven. She saw models such as Tyra Banks, Selita Ebanks and others as ones she could look up to.

Fantasia has proved that she is looking towards a bright future by dedicating herself to graduate college, which is her biggest accomplishment to date. In years to come she wants to be able to secure a career in her field of study, start a family and take advantage of any modeling opportunities that come her way.

An athlete, Fantasia enjoys rollerblading and basketball when she has time to herself. She also likes listening to music, whether live, or songs on her Ipod. A great cook, soul food are the dishes she prefers to create.

Now that you know a little more about Fantasia, make sure you give her a chance to enhance your next model project.

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