Don’t settle in 2011. Book talented, intellegent people for your projects!

So really, why settle and get someone that doesn’t fit what you want and don’t look good rather than paying somebody what they are worth and be happy? Innovative Model & Talent Management has access to talent in multiple genres to choose from. Take a stand! It’s about hiring those that grab people’s attention right? If you’re attracted to the people that have been featured in music videos, featured in magazines, hosted events across the country, worked with nationally recognized companies, then you are not far from getting what you want!

How many castings can you have for the same project? Layout the criteria, give all the important information, pay the talent, and you’ll get exactly what you want every time.

The talent sought out to appear in music video projects, magazine shoots, hosting events, selling your products or services all work, go to school, have kids, responsibilities. Gas is $500 a gallon. The “premise” of something giving them “exposure” isn’t enough when most already have that. If you just want people, don’t have a casting. once you create a selection process, there are expectations. If you find someone to fulfill them, you have to pay them.

There is a process and procedure to everything. To disrespect a talent by trying to circumvent it to avoid paying somebody what they are worth is unforgivable. You’re getting paid for your efforts, so should they. And if you’re not, that has nothing to do with them. They are at a location for a certain length of time doing something. They’re working. They look the way they do, talk the way they do, it’s worth something. otherwise, you could just pull somebody off the street with crack pipes and matted hair.

And yes the talent bears responsibility too. They have to want to make it known that they deserve to get paid and want things put on paper and they have someone to do that. If they don’t, they have to deal with it. They have to prove that they are deserving to be paid by their presentation (updated photos, comp cards, business cards, reels, monologues, head shots, web visibility, etc).

If someone is going to pay you $3500 a day you have to be ready to compete with everybody across the board all the time. There are at least 150,000 people on Model Mayhem alone that calls themselves “Model”. Competition is a b, but its reality.

Treat the talent with respect from the jump and you’ll get positive results. Yes, if the talent messes up, don’t book them. But don’t prejudge or preselect people before you’ve had a chance to review all of your choices. Why waste time?

You get what you pay for and you get what you don’t pay for. That will never change. To book talent, click on “Booking” on the home page.

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