Desirae Lynn is ready for the world to see how talented she is!

What does having talent really mean? If you have talent, do people know that you do? Do you want them to? Everybody has to answer these questions eventually, Desirae will do that for you now. But let’s get to know her first.
She was born in a small town in Michigan called Escanaba. Located on the Great Lakes, the town is recognized for shipping iron ore to the other port cities, especially Chicago and northern Indiana. But Desirae grew up in Lafayette and Boulder, Colorado. Her early years were enjoyable, taking care of her baby sister is something she vividly remembers. When her mother remarried, of course new people were brought into her life. Most of the time she got along with her step-sister and she had strong feelings for her step-father. She actually has a large family, but because of them being spread out in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan, they don’t see each other often.
The first time Desirae considered modeling was after taking photos for her senior year of high school. The photographer loved the shoot so much that he selected one of the photos to advertise his company. So of course, people started seeing the photo all over town, she was flattered.
Desirae believes highly in supporting others in the industry. Whether it’s following pages on social media of local and new models, checking out photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists, or recognizing people that she has worked with, you’ll always see and hear Desirae speaking positively about them.
Why is it important to go to model workshops from time to time? You never know who you might meet. In Desirae’s case, she had the opportunity to shoot with Jeana Turner, a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. She was painted by renowned artist Lu Cong and the painting sold for over $20,000. Another accomplishment was placing fifth in the western region of the U.S. for Miss Jetset Magazine.
Modeling of course is something Desirae plans to be successful at in the future. But another goal that she has is owning her own spa. An esthetician by trade, it’s something she is very passionate about.
What does Desirae like to do when she is not modeling, working, taking classes? Well one, she is a certified yoga teacher, so you’ll see her in the park or on the beach from time to time. Cooking is something is really good at, especially deserts, which she creates from scratch. Having a degree in graphic design, the creative side of her produces artwork on a periodic basis. She also enjoys traveling anywhere where you can be near the ocean.
With a love of cooking, Desirae gets excited about eating food as well. At the moment sushi and Pho are favorites, but any Asian food that is spicy will get her out the house.
You know more about this talented young woman than you did five minutes ago. Do you believe she has talent? Desirae knows she has talent, and she also has the confidence to let everybody know it. Be sure to watch what she does next! Follow her on Instagram @dizzymissdezi.
Video of photoshoot with Desirae
Radio interview on the Women In Business show

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