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When a person decides to become a fan of someone, there is a reason. It doesn’t happen by accident. It’s usually something very specific. Sometimes it’s personality. Or, maybe it’s a particular talent that they have. Maybe it’s how they look physically. Today you get to learn about a new individual, maybe you’ll become the next fan of Dequbinika Pratcher.

She was born in Memphis, TN. This is important, because some of the most talent people in the world had origins there. Of course Elvis Presely recorded music there. B.B. King, Johnny Cash, list is never ending. Memphis is also the home of the best barbecue in the world. Stands to reason that Dequbinika (or Qubi), was going to do something special.

Her younger years were not easy. Raised in a single parent household until the age of thirteen, Qubi was then placed into foster care. Over the next 5 years, her life was not easy, moving constantly, living with different families. But these times definitely allowed her to learn qualities such as perseverance, patience, and how to be self sufficient.

As mentioned earlier, Memphis is a hub of talent. Qubi had her first taste of the entertainment industry at age 9, when she participated in a Christmas play at school. She knew then that she wanted to do something, model, act or sing. Over the next few years, one of the actresses that Qubi gravitated to was Meagan Good. To her Meagan was beautiful, talented, spiritual and very motivating.

Very recently Qubi received her esthetics certification. Despite many obstacles and setbacks, she was very determined to achieve this goal. It gives her the opportunity to earn her own income as a business woman, opens up doors to bookings as a mua for television and film projects and of course saves money when she is booked for work, as she can do her own makeup.


The youngest of four siblings (three brothers and one sister), Qubi wants to focus her time within the next five years on helping teenagers transition into adulthood. She feels she could best do this as an executive director of a non-profit organization that teaches young ones life skills such as how to create a budget, applying for jobs and college, how to prepare for an interview, etc.

Everyone has something that they enjoy doing to relax. Qubi enjoys reading books, such as “Like A Natural Woman” by Ziba Kashef. Also, she enjoys listening to all types of music, but her favorite artist happens to be Jhene Aiko.

So what will be the reason you’ll become a fan of Qubi? Will it be her talent? Will it be her beauty? Will it be her personality? Whatever it is, Qubi will be sure to prove you made the right decision to follow and support her during her long and successful career.


Book Qubi today as a model or actress by emailing If you’d like to book her as a makeup artist, visit @beatsbyqubi on Instagram and be sure to mention IMTM referred you!!!

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