Deivy De La Hoz is a business professional

You always want to know about those that you decide to do business with or use a service that they promote. Deivy wants you to know about him.

From Caracas, Venezuela Deivy came to the United States because of his skills as a baseball player. Although it did not work out, this did not deter him from taking advantage of opportunities our country has. He attended Florida Career College and received certification as a massage therapist. Deivy started Oz Pa, and has been very successful building a solid business and customer base.

Deivy also went to real estate school and received his license. Over the last few years he has helped people secure homes, condos, commercial and rental property.

From a small family, Deivy makes home life a priority. Whether it’s fishing trips with his wife and cousins, cooking his favorite carne con papas, movies with his daughter or even visiting his mother in Venezuela, family is very important to him.

This Army veteran has specific goals for the future. As he specializes in Swedish, Oriental, Deep Tissue and Reflexology, he looks to have his own spa. He also looks to open his own real estate office.

You should feel comfortable with booking Deivy as your massage therapist or utilizing him as your real estate agent. Give him a call at 786-328-9742 today.

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