Christa Elise is on the “next” level in her own way

Most recently being featured in the Hustle Hard Remix video with major artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Ace Hood doesn’t phase her.

Working as a spokesmodel for clothing lines or hosting events doesn’t get her nervous. Getting features in magazines isn’t an after thought.

The one thing that would get her a little tongue tied will be the first major tv or film role she is able to capture. And not because of not being sure she can do it, but because she would’ve fulfilled a dream that so many share, but never have a chance to attain.

Christa has accomplished much, and has done so on her own terms. She has maintained professionalism and her morality in a business where it’s encouraged not to have neither. This proves how strong she is as an individual and that it can be done this way.

If you’re a current fan, continue to support. If you’re an industry professional, consider booking her. Either way, keep watching, for she has even more in store for you.

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