Birth of an actress, Christa Elise Graziano

For years Christa has been a proponent of pushing the positive in women, avoiding the negative connotations and perceptions women who pursue modeling or acting sometimes get and mostly the use of the word “bitch”. She finally has her chance to bring a visual to the voice, featured in the major music video “Bitch Bad” by artist Lupe Fiasco. WATCH AND LISTEN!

Bitch Bad

This is an exciting time for Christa, as she will also be featured in the major fashion publication J’ADORE in upcoming weeks. Christa has paid her dues and now is ready prove to the world what she has always know, she is an actress!!!

Christa has a story that needs to be shared. Young women from all over would appreciate her struggles, heartaches, triumphs. She is not unlike most young women that aspire for more. She had the courage to try, and this is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Christa is a true role model. The experience she has gained is valuable, and she is not shy about telling people what she knows.

Want to know more about Christa? There are dozens of articles on this website, type in her name in the search box. If you’d like to secure an interview either for tv/radio/magazine, contact her publicist, PR Executive & Real Estate Pro, Mateo *
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