Beatrice Jean in her first film project, “Check Mate”

Check Mate is a story about an urban chess tournament, where the grand prize is 10 million dollars and how the people in the tournament are effected and what some are willing to do to “win it all”. It is another production from Prime Factor Films (

You always want to learn and grow, and that is what Beatrice Jean did this past weekend in Atlanta. She traveled all the way from Fort Myers Florida, braved public transit, and fought through inclement weather all for the purpose of getting things done and meeting great people.

The learning came as a result of a particular function of production, producing still shots for future posters. To capture stills, you actually have to produce the action, and you have to maintain a certain look for a prolonged period of time without breaking character. Although an experienced model, this was somewhat of a challenge for Beatrice.

The director made sure to express his feelings and so I took Beatrice outside to give suggestions on how to pull off what the director wanted and to remember she has the right to ask as many questions as needed to make sure she is doing what is necessary for the project. Once back on set, everything went smooth and actually Beatrice took it up a notch and really impressed everybody.

The second day of shooting was more of the same and Beatrice was really getting into her character. Some of the young people that were around even started reciting some of her lines from the film.

One thing, Beatrice was prepared. She knew her lines and was even able to recognize when things had been added or deleted when other actors said their lines. The acting classes that she enrolled into also were very apparent in regards to her delivery. The director told me how impressed he was with Beatrice being brand new, he felt that she definitely can make it.

During her stay in Atlanta, Beatrice was able to get new head shots, attended a casting for a hair care campaign and met celebrity photographer Shawn Dowdell.

I feel that Beatrice Jean has taken that large transition from being a “model” to a “model and an actress”. This first project will allow you to see what she is capable of, so look forward to the trailer and subsequent movie posters. You will continue to see her on both the small and big screen in the future.

If you wish to book Beatrice Jean email or call 770.666.1679.

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