Beatrice Jean, a true “talent” in the industry

It’s not because she is Haitian. It’s not because of her chocolate skin. It’s not because she is in top physical condition. It’s not because she is bilingual. It’s not because of her beauty. It’s not because of her education. No, Beatrice is not a talent because of these things. It’s because she “wants” to be a talent.

Over the past two years that Beatrice has pursued modeling and acting she has accomplished a great many things. But none of them would have happened if she really didn’t want them to. She could have been content with what she was doing. Work, school, hanging with friends, time with significant other. However there was something inside that told her “she needs to do a little more”. So with a lot of hard work, sacrifice and forethought, she made strides to put herself in a position to be viewed as someone that “oh we need to book her”.

Where has that led? Beatrice has a film to her credit.

She has appearances in major tv shows and hair magazines.

She has been utilized to promote major brands such as VH1 and Budweiser.

She is a model for both fashion, swimwear and more…

Watch her as she recites one of her many monologues..

Listen to hear as she speaks at an event she hosted…..(begin watching at 3:02 mark)

Over the last two years Beatrice has proven to be one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever worked with. She is committed to her craft, and, to making herself better.

If you’re really serious about having someone that will represent your product, company, event or film/tv work in the best way, then you will consider booking Beatrice Jean. To do so, email today.

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