Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Hawks, my personal updates.

It’s been a long time, but I’ve been so busy, haven’t been able to keep my sports page updated. I will do better.

I’ve been an Atlanta Falcons fan since 1990. I’ve rolled through the 91 Too Legit To Quit season. Never winning in back to back seasons until recently, the Superbowl that we got killed by Denver, everything. Last year we had a 13-3 season and got destroyed by Green Bay in the playoffs. This year has been up and down, dominate one half, non-existing in the 2nd half. Yet somehow they are above everybody in the Wild Card and would have outside shot of winning division still if they win out. Brent Grimes should be back for the Monday Night Game. Right now it’s not the defense that is hurting them. And it’s actually not the offense. It’s putting everything together for 60 minutes.

By most, the Falcons have a great chance to get to and win the Superbowl. They have the pieces. They are a young team. But something is missing from last year that prevents them from playing from start to finish. They should have been the first to beat Green Bay earlier this year. January will tell the tale, but if Mike can’t get them right, might have to make a change.

I watched the pre-season game of the Hawks last night. I read reports of their scrimmage. This is my take of the 2011-2012 Atlanta Hawks for right now:

1. We have shot blockers other than Josh Smith now. Definitely will help.
2. Headband Joe is dead. He looks really good, has a hop in step, we might get 23 a game out of him.
3. Tracy Mcgrady looks disinterested. He should retire if he doesn’t want to play.
4. Stack never had a shot, if he can’t slash, we don’t need him.
5. Sy looks like he can spell Joe at the 2 spot as far as being agressive.
5. I don’t know where we will replace Crawford’s points. If Tracy and Stack come through as well one of the guards (I see they just signed Pargo), that could work. But not sure.
6. Marvin Williams could be the key. his back surgery was successful. dude always had shot but now he can drive again, rebound, he looks ready to hurt people.
7. I’m not sure about the big men past Al and Z yet. need at least one of the guys on bench after Z to be able to score to spell J-Smoove.

So, can the Hawks compete in the east as they are formed right now?? Are the Hawks still a 4 or 5 seed? It really depends on Joe Johnson. If Joe plays like his contract, this makes the rest of team dangerous. Al hits jumpers, Jeff penetrates, Josh slashes. If the bench doesn’t have a big drop off, they can compete with the teams in the east. 66 games also helps. A fast start can give them the shot they need. I’m excited.

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