Anna Coy is making herself into a star!!!

What happens to most people when they feel overwhelmed? They feel that the odds are against them? That no matter what they do, nothing is going to go right? They quit. This is especially true when it comes to pursuing goals in the entertainment industry. This is why Anna Coy is such an interesting individual to learn about.

Anna was born in Vienna, Austria. Yes, birthplace of Mozart, and Beethoven. Where you can get all the Wiener Schnitzel and hot apple strudel you can eat. Anna has only visited once, and found that the city influenced her more than she anticipated it would. Her love for wine, nature, living organically, and history stems from the essence of Vienna.

As she grew up, Anna learned valuable lessons from her immediate family that she keeps close to her heart on a daily basis. Some of these were learned in the Dominican Republic, and various states in the USA. Anna has traveled a bit. But things changed a bit after the passing of her father at age 10. And even though her family is very large, they are spread out over different countries, so this made her family feel small, and her fathers death made it feel even smaller.

There was not a particular moment that Anna experienced that prompted her to consider modeling or acting as a possible career. She enjoyed watching movies, choosing characters or roles that she imagined being. But one hint for you, she loved Kate Winslet in Titanic.

Anna has the advantage of youth as she reaches for her goals. Thus far her biggest accomplishments of note is graduating high school and pursuing her college degree. Many of her peers did not take education seriously, she did not want to follow in their footsteps.

Over the years Anna has developed many talents. One of them is art. She loves to paint and draw. Dance is another passion of hers. So on top of having a strong career as an actress and model, Anna looks to have some of her artwork appear in a gallery and have a chance to dance in various projects. Most important, she will have her degree. All of this will be within the next 5 years, so she will be very very busy!

Obviously when it comes to free time, Anna doesn’t have much of it. When she is able to set aside time for herself, Anna enjoys being active whether it’s yoga, competitive sports or just getting out socially. Reading new books that come out is a hobby of hers. And as mentioned earlier, she loves nature and animals.

Anna has not had the easiest life. She has had many obstacles that would have made it easy for her to simply give up on all of her dreams. Some of these were because of some of the places she lived. Sometimes it was because of the people around her. And sometimes it was self doubt. But obstacles are made to be overcome. Anna made sure to rise above some of the negative things around her, and made a choice to be better. She has chosen to pursue goals involving entertainment in her own way, refusing to go the route many others take today to so called “get ahead faster”. I personally have seen this young woman strive to get better each year and have the utmost confidence in her. Anna isn’t afraid of hard work, and that is the main reason you will want to be a fan or book her in your next project.

The one thing Anna wants to be remembered for is her ability to make people laugh and brighten up any situation. That’s a lost attribute in today’s world. Need more of it.

Anna is available both as an actress and model. Submit your project to for booking information.
Height 5’7
Weight 145
Measurements 34D-28-40
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
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