“A Search For Talent” was very successful.

First, I want to thank all of the people that attended my audition. Especially Tia Guice, Majeedah G, Shawntae, and Shayrette. Also thanks to wardrobe stylist Betrice Benbow, makeup artist Mee’kyah and Kehinde Thompson of Oupipee Studios for being present. Also to Brian of AIM Studios for opening his space for me.

When you consider attending an audition, it’s always important to first, show up! Second, you want to be prepared. Third, you want to leave an impression.

I was very impressed with how the ones who attended actually followed the instructions in the three update emails i sent over the past two weeks. Nobody had parking issues, everybody was nicely dressed, everybody had images to leave. Some traveled from New Jersey, Tennessee and Florida to attend. They were on time.

For many, this was their first audition. So I tried to make everyone equally comfortable. Everybody had equal time to speak about themselves, show their talents, and get feedback from my panelists. There were singers, actors, and models that attended. Many were asked to display their runway walk, a few performed monologues, all were interviewed.

The audition was taped, so there will be some footage that will be displayed once it’s edited.

I was pleased on how the ladies I work with presented themselves. Tia Guice, Majeedah Giddens, Shawntae Gillespie and Shayrette Frederick all received positive feedback from everybody.

Over the next few days I will contact some of the companies and individuals that were involved in my audition but weren’t able to attend including Mega Growth (they’re looking to give someone a paid contract for an upcoming campaign), The Atlanta Peach Magazine and others. There were several candidates that they will be interested in.

I try to make things as professional as possible, despite those that would rather just throw something together and hope for the best. I take things seriously, and I believe I had the most serious people attend my audition. I called those that I invited (over 100 people responded to audition, I called 55 people back), and told each that if they’re not really ready or serious, or if it’s “too much work”, to not come.

Nothing is guaranteed, and sacrifice is involved to get to where you want to go. Some of the people that attended my casting are going to get opportunities that they didn’t have before, because people that have now seen them in person, wants to do something with them. All you can ask for is the “chance” to do something. You can’t do that sitting at home.

Not sure if i’ll do another audition in Atlanta, but if I do, I expect to have another successful audition.

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