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Do you have a backup plan in case you’re “surprised” with bad news?

One of the biggest examples in the last 5 years of how “a job” is not “guaranteed” is the announcement this week that CNN is laying off 300 employees. That Turner Broadcasting is laying off over 1000 people over the next year. One of the biggest networks on the planet is laying off people, because of competition. Because of factors they can’t control, people, who probably thought they were going to work for the same company for decades, are now looking for work. Did any of them plan for this? Do they have a backup plan? Do you have a backup plan? if not, why????? Isn’t it time to start planning now rather than waiting for the worse to happen???? Would you like help to begin looking at options? If yes, feel free to contact me. 706-393-8426

Powershoot and talent casting in Chicago mid April

Looking to give people what they don’t have but they say they need. Business owners if you need headshots for your website or business profiles online, aspiring models and actors if you need headshots and pictures for your portfolio or musicians if you need pictures for your press kits, websites, album covers here is a chance to get it, now! Mid April I will be visiting Chicago and will put these things together for you plus a little extra. To get more information call Chris at 7063938426. I am also for the first time looking at new talent and will be looking to work personally with one or two people for the rest of 2015. To submit yourself to be invited to interview with me, submit your name, age, current photos (headshot and full body shots) and a little bit about you to chris@imtmworldwide.com.

Actress/Model/Actress Karma Karmel in Miami

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Actress Baje Fletcher is available for commercial, television, film, and radio bookings!

Do you know who actress/author/life coach Baje (beige) Fletcher is?

This Jamaican beauty was born in Brooklyn, raised in Jamaica, and has resided in cities like Orlando and Atlanta. From a young age she learned independence, how to overcome obstacles and now she helps young women all over the world to do the same.

She’s been featured on television and radio shows such as “Dr. Phil”, Bravo’s “Millionaire MatchMaker”, BET’s “The Game”, TRU Tv’s “In Session”, “The Breakfast Club” with Angela Yee, “Big Tigger’s Morning Show” and others. Baje has also been published in major magazines such as KING Magazine, SHOW Magazine, Jadore Magazine, Todays Black Woman Magazine, and has been featured in music videos with Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Nelly to name a few along with hosting huge events with Floyd Mayweather, Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx to name a few.

Her first book is A “GOAL” Digger’s Guide – How to get what you want without giving it up. Her second book is The BreakUp Guide – How to get over it in half the time and her next book is The Business of Dating.

Baje has recently launched “Design Your Life” workshops for women (where she helps women increase their self esteem as well as bank accounts). She is also a volunteer for Susan G Komen’s breast cancer foundation & Greater Orlando Cares mentoring organization.

Would you like to include Baje in your next commercial, television show, film project? Would you like to have her host your television or radio programs? Would you like to interview Baje? Please send your project and contact information to chris@imtmworldwide.com today.

Below are some visuals to get an idea about what Baje brings to the table.

Dr. Phil appearances:

Here are a few of Baje’s video tutorials:
Stop Coming Off As Desperate
How To Qualify A Man, Quickly

Baje Fletcher Reel:

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