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Cell Phones 101-Insurance

I’ve sold, I dunno, maybe 1000 or more cell phones in my time. One of the things I always urged before they made their final decision? “You need to get insurance”.

Many people lie about how much research they really do when it comes to cell phones. Most really just watch a tv commercial, like the phone, then go and get it. They don’t consider their talking habits, actual phone usage or functionality or anything. But what they really never do is read a contract. They never look at phone specs.

And that’s amazing because with the internet, you can do everything online, even try out the phone to an extent. So why not do it? Lazy? Too busy? Those are excuses. You’re about to spend money, you are responsible, nobody else.

Same with the purchasing process. Nothing obligates you to buy something. If you’re with a salesperson that you don’t believe knows what they are talking about, you can ask for someone else or just leave and go somewhere else. If you really want a particular phone, you can do that. Do you think someone about to buy a $50,000 car is going to just buy it when the salesperson says “O let me make sure there is a steering wheel in the car?”. No, they go to the Sales Manager and ask for someone else.

Most consumers are not responsible. But for the few that are, why don’t more of them get insurance? Cost? The whole purpose of a contract is to reduce the cost of the phone to the consumer in exchange for a guarantee of paid services to the company. You avoid the “contract” by paying for the actual cost of the phone. There are many who can’t afford $600 for a phone that does everything. But then there are some that can. Either way, why face having to pay $600 for a phone because you forgot to take the phone off the roof of your car before you backed out the driveway? Or because you dropped in the sink washing dishes? Or because your dog thought it was a toy? Or the other million reasons I’ve heard as a customer walked into my store the day after they bought a phone from me. And they “didn’t” get insurance.

I stare at them, shrug my shoulders and say “I told you so”. Unless you want to start your own cell phone company, get multiple cellular licenses, pay $100,000 or more per cellular tower, pay for stores to be built or lease space in all the cities in America, pay for equipment, employees, benefits, advertising..you get the idea.

The type of service you get, the type of phone, usage, all those are factors. When it comes to insurance, you can gauge that based on battery life, durability, your personal habits (if you know you are a clutz, embrace it). But even with that there are phone cases, protectors, that people still don’t purchase for some reason.

$5, $10 a month. Whatever the extra cost for insurance, if it means not paying $500 for a phone to get it replaced, I think that is more than worth it. And that includes the deductible. Like your car insurance, would you rather pay $200 and get your car fixed or pay $3000? I’ve never not gotten insurance on any phone I’ve ever had. I’ve never walked around with broken screen for 3 months. Never was faced with coming out pocket full price for a phone for damages.

Hopefully this little tidbit was a benefit. And if you happen to be in the market for a new phone or new service or both, click the below cell phone company names!
T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon are available as well as MetroPcs, Boost and Virgin Mobile.

Until next time!!

Leading Lady Needed

If you are a woman in south Florida, you speak both English and Spanish, you are attractive, and you would like to be the lead in a short film, email headshot, recent full body images, resume if you have it and phone number to chris@imtmworldwide.com. Unforeseen circumstances will cause me to replace my lead. Film will be entered into several national and international film festivals and will also help launch a new television network. Must be in the cities of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, at least 22 years old, experience in talking to people or speaking in front of an audience, and you must commit to group script reads.

must be at least 5′7 (will consider 5′5, 5′6 if you have a look and personality that fits the role)
slim to medium build
must be bilingual
no tattoos
please submit especially if you are puerto rican, cuban, colombian.

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You’re allowed to make as much money as you want..but you don’t. Why?

Bottom line, it’s important to make as much money as you can today. Living expenses have to be taken care of. You have to spend money to go back and forth to work, maintain your clothes or uniforms, eat, etc. If you have a family expenses increase tremendously. Is that true? Is it easy to earn a living today? Depending on your skills and abilities, education, the answer can vary from person to person.

Over the last ten years there has been drastic changes in the economics of not just the United States, but the world. Knowing this, what is important to you? Were you affected when the economy crashed here in America? Did you lose your job? Did you have to take a pay cut? Were you out of work for an extended period of time?

Several companies have gone bankrupt over the years. Others have been restructured, bought out by other companies, etc. When this happens, employees are often laid off. And, when this does happen, most are not in a position to move to a city or state where their particular “job” exists.

Then again, some “are” able to move to another place for work. Why don’t they? Is it ties to family? Friends? The City? For the exception of family, you have to eliminate all other factors on why “not” to move to another place where the propensity of getting work is high. And that’s if you’re trying to work in a particular field. Now, if you’re just looking to have a job to have a job, you can do that pretty much anywhere.

But why do people simply accept having a “job” and not a career? Or, why do people choose to not have their own company?

Careers are a result of hard work, education, determination, character, reliability. Owning your own business is a result of faith, risk, hard work, responsibility. Neither gives you a guarantee, because nothing is guaranteed. The only thing you can guarantee is that you will try hard to be successful.

Selecting a career. Some people make choices based on how they personally enjoy doing something. Others make a choice based on how much money they can earn. Nothing wrong with that. That being said, if money is more important, why not do something that will make the most money?

Over hundreds of years, it’s proven that sales, in one aspect or another, is a definite way to make large amounts of money. You can sell tacos, soap, jewelry, cars, perfume, houses, bubblegum, cell phones, insurance, and make millions of dollars. These and other products have been around for years. To be successful at sales, you have to like talking to people, you have to learn and study your products and competition, and you have to want to make money. I want to concentrate on just two aspects of selling in this article, real estate and insurance.

Insurance. The premise of insurance is that it serves as a protection “in case” something happens to you, there is money available to help you along until the “something” is resolved. This could apply to your health and you’re not able to work. It could apply to your car if you get in an accident. It could apply to your phone if your dog eats it. You pay into an “account” for an indefinite period of time, even if you “never” use it. Insurance has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. There will always be insurance companies. Let’s say you want to sell insurance. You get your various licenses, either on your own or from a specific company. At first, you’d work out of an office. At first you’re not making much, because you are “brand new”, and you don’t have the gift of referrals from previous customers, no “list of possible customers” to call upon, etc. But eventually after sometime you start having success, you’re working hard, and start making money. Now if you wanted, you could just stop there, and be content with the business you have built and live off the commissions you made (by the way if you didn’t know, insurance is commission only). Your success is based squarely on how many people you are willing to talk to.

But some aspire for more, so after a few years of hard work, one might decide to open their own office. They incur the expense of rent, electric, water, maintenance of an office along with phones, internet, office equipment. They spend money on advertising materials and marketing. Then, they begin searching for agents. This person will be looking for those that have strong people skills, attention to detail, self-motivation, etc. Why? Because these agents are working for themselves, independent, their money is purely based on their efforts. That agent can control how much money they earn by the sheer amount of people that they talk to, how much training they decide to listen to, how much studying they decide to put towards their industry, etc. And the person opening the office will get paid a percentage of each agents overall effort. There is nothing wrong with this. The agents accept it because “they” don’t have to worry about the expenses of running an office. The individual who opened the office enjoys being in control, and making income based on their personal effort and the efforts of others. As time passes, maybe another office is opened in another part of the city. Or, maybe an office is opened in another state.

Real Estate. The industry can be lucrative and yet it can be very unpredictable. If you’re in a certain market, you can do very well, as people are always moving somewhere. Then again, it’s an industry where when the economy takes a downtown, its difficult to make any money. How do you start? Much like insurance, you have to be licensed. Upon obtaining your license you may choose to work out of an office. That office probably has a broker, who has multiple agents working out of that office. The broker endures the expense of rent, utilities, advertising, marketing, business tax, etc. This allows he/she to maximize their talents not only as a salesperson, but as a trainer and leader. Because he or she is training those in the office to be the best agents, because he or she is earning a percentage of all business that comes from that office.

Just as in the insurance example, what if after a period of time, you choose to leave the office and start your own real estate firm? You are making the decision to take responsibilities as your broker did. You will earn off of the efforts of the agents you bring on.

But, what if you don’t provide ample training for your agents? What if you don’t give them the tools they need? What if you don’t lead them? And, what if you personally are not doing much of anything? Do you believe you will earn a lot of money? Do you realize that it’s possible for someone in your office could earn more than you, even though “you’re” the one that brought them on board??

The whole point is, with as much money is available in these two industries, there are people who are willing to “work” to get as much as humanly possible and then there are those who are satisfied with making enough to pay bills. Question to you, which person are you? Do you have the ability at the job you currently work to make as much money as possible for yourself? Are you capped regarding how much money you can earn? If you are capped, limited, on how much money you’re able to earn based on the “hours that you work”, are cool with that? Can you, will you consider doing something different? Doing something that would allow you to “make” the amount of money that you deserve??

Or, does it matter? Are you used to the money you make, having just enough to pay your bills, not having enough to save money or do things that you enjoy doing “regularly”?

Are people afraid of hard work? People sacrifice time with children, time with spouse to be at work all the time. People sacrifice health to be at work every day. People miss weddings, funerals, graduations to be at work all the time, on the premise that their loyalty, devotion, dedication and hard work will be rewarded. Have you experienced these things? Were you rewarded? If not, isn’t it worth it to look at all options that would allow you to control the hours you work, control the amount of money you earn, control the free time you have to spend with those important to you? Isn’t it? If you believe that’s true, and you’d like to sit down and discuss “one” option that could allow you to do that, call Chris Royster at 7063938426.

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Invest In Yourself

If you are not happy with where you work or what you do to earn income, what are your alternatives? What is worth investing your money in? Stocks? Bonds? The lottery? Las Vegas? An individual? A business? An invention? Yourself? What is the answer? Does it matter? When you put money into something you should want to get your money back plus make a profit. You can make investments where you get your money back fast. You can make investments that you will get your money back slow. Do you know you can make a self investment in yourself by simply saving a certain amount of money each month? It’s your money, why do you have to spend “all” of it each month? Ten years from now, that money could mean something to you. If you saved $100 a month for 10 years, you’d have $12,000 in the bank.

Stocks? A share of stock can be as low as a penny, as much as $1200. Risks involved in investing in stocks can be great unless you do concentrated research. You also have to decide on how much you are going to put towards investing in stocks. To make immediate money, you have to choose stocks that you can purchase, then resell at first point of a stocks “value” rising. Some stocks you get for long-term investment.

People go to Las Vegas all the time, spending large sums of money hoping to hit the “jackpot”. Sometimes they do, but always go back to lose it all, because it’s “fun”.

There are some people that invest large amounts of money trying to win it big in the lottery. They play everyday, every week, every month, for years……..

Have you ever invested a few bucks to a friend based on a “thing?”. No information given to you, but you do it just because “you are friends”.

When was the last time you did research on a company and invested your time and money into it? Became a co-owner?

Was there a time where someone created a unique product or service and they asked for your help?

Maybe you feel that its time to invest in yourself? If you could invest in yourself and get a return on your investment that benefits you, allows you to have more time to do things you want to do, allows you to invest in stocks, allows you to have “extra” money to pay your regular “bills”, would that be something to think about? Do you believe in yourself? You believed in yourself enough to secure the employment you currently have and stay there. That takes work, effort, and a belief that you deserve to “keep a job”. Would you take yourself less serious in working for yourself? Is there a skill or ability that you have that would make money if you put time into it? Have you attended school for years and acquired knowledge in several subjects, and your job still hasn’t paid like you feel you should for what you know? If there was a way to take everything that you know and make money off of it, would it be worth it to see what it is? Knowledge has never hurt anybody, lack of it hurts people everyday.

If you’re ready to start asking questions, getting answers, and changing things you don’t like, call 7063938426 now. Ask for Chris Royster.

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She is Te`Anna, The Definition of Sexy

Dreams. Without them, there is no inspiration and without inspiration, there is no action, and without action, nothing happens. Detroit is a city built off of dreams, inspiration and action. Our automobile industry thrives there. It was the center of the universe for a long time for music. It’s fitting then, that a few decades ago, the beautiful Te`Anna was born there.

Not long after her birth, Te`Anna and her mother moved to Kentucky. Growing up was a mixture of bad and good, living in the ghetto at first. It was especially hard as Te`Annas mother was a single mother, raising several children on her on. Te`Anna has never met her biological father and to this day, she wishes she could. Eventually her mother married and her step father moved them to a wealthier part of the city. Although things were better, she sometimes felt as if “she” was a step child in the family. Early on she had aspirations to be a star, but her parents did not support her. In fact there were times were she was told to give up on her dreams. This became one of many motivating factors that has led to her current success.

Where were you when the song “Back and Forth” by Aaliyah came out? Te`Anna was in fourth grade. Seeing her dance and sing, Aaliyah became an instant role model. During her fifth grade year the group Destiny’s Child came on the scene. At this point, Te`Annas passion to be a start prompted her to start a singing group (Lil Thunders). They were able to perform once in the local school talent show, but the group broke up after that. When sixth rolled around, Te`Anna was looking at other avenues of entertaining. Watching television one day she saw her first fashion show and was instantly hooked. She begged her family to put her into modeling classes, which to her surprise, they did. However after finishing the classes Te`Anna realized she didn’t learn anything, which solidified her parents lack of faith in her “trying” to pursue her dreams.

Of course Te`Anna did not stop. Other musical influences of her childhood included groups such as SWV, TLC, EnVogue and artists like Monica, Jade, and many others. Tyra Banks was the inspiration for millions of girls. But as Te`Anna grew into her body, urban modeling fit her better. Miracle Watts is a woman that she admires very much.

Te`Anna’s biggest accomplishment is getting rid of her fears and not allowing anybody to get in the way of her goals. No longer worried about what people say, she daily works at making dreams into reality. By trial and error, failings and success, she realizes that the entertainment industry has room for her, and now is her time to GET IT!!

Over the next half decade, Te`Anna wants it to be obvious to the world that she was born to entertain. She wants to be in a position where she can decide on what projects she wants to do and turn downs the ones she doesn’t. Long term, look for both a clothing line and lip stick brand.

Te`Anna knows about sacrifice. Being a young single mother, and pursuing her career in entertainment, she currently works two jobs. So spare time is not something she gets much of. She takes advantage of traveling for modeling work, vocal performances, etc. And all time she gets to spend with her daughter is enjoyable.

Now when it comes to food, Te`Anna is not picky. You will always get in her good graces by offering jerk chicken with rice/peas and a cold Pepsi. Reppin Kentucky, she is always down for a bag of Grippos chips and Big Red. When she is a Detroit frame of mind, Better Made Chips and a Faygo…

Now you know who Te`Anna is. What makes her different? It’s not the fact she can sing, dance, model and act. It’s not because she can sing pop, R&B and she has bars for days. Te`Anna can model anything pertaining to high fashion to urban to hair and beauty, but that is not what makes her different. It’s not the fact that she decided not to “enhance” her body, everything on her is 100% real.

Te`Anna is different because she chooses to be different. She chose not to give up on her dreams. She chose not to let excuses become obstacles, like so many women do in the industry. Te`Anna has the confidence to accomplish everything that comes into her mind, and you can tell when she walks into a room, when she grabs the microphone, and when she steps in front of the camera.

Te`Anna has a goal to be the ultimate entertainer. Do you want to know more about her? Would you like to book her? Here is your first chance,

Email her at bookteanna@gmail.com
Call to book her at 678-467-6359
Follow her on Twitter @SheIsTeanna
Website www.sheisteanna.com

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