Jan 31

Flying Without Wingz travelling around the U.S.

Very soon, Flying Without Wingz will be a complete group again..Meaning, they’ll be in the same zip code. VC will be leaving Grand Rapids, MI and moving to Los Angeles to join Irawniq, who has been living there over the past few months.

As soon as VC touches down however they both will be getting back on a plane to travel to Austin, TX for the SXSW Festival (www.sxsw.com). This is a huge and long standing event bringing all types of people together from tech buffs to movie hounds. They will be opening for The White House Band (http://thewhitehouseband.net).

Other projects that Flying Without Wingz (www.fw2music.com) are working on includes their new website, new music and a special animation project! The have a great publicist (www.iampragency.com) and of course the backing of IMTM.

Flying Without Wingz are doing more than just working hard, they making people believe in what they are all about.

Flying Without Wingz are available for upcoming tours, bookings at venues in your city, magazine features and more! Contact imtmworldwide@gmail.com for availabilities (EPK available upon request).

Do not be the one that slept on this group!!

Thanks, but no thanks….

How many times will you hear or see the words: “Thank you for your interest in employment with us. Part of our selection process includes a thorough review of each candidate’s work experience, education and background. While we sincerely appreciate your interest, we wanted to let you know that we have identified a more suitable candidate for the position listed above. We hope you will continue to visit us at our website, xxxxx.com to explore other positions that might better suit your qualifications.” Doesn’t that get old at a certain point? We kill ourselves trying to get someone to give us a chance, to interview us, to hire us and let us show what we can do, but you get those words instead….

Twenty years of working for people, and in applying for work the times I would see those words I always said “who did they find better than me?”. You have to realize, employers don’t really want the best. Because it’s not the job of a job to make you money, it’s to be profitable. So if they can find someone who can do the job “adequately” but not “expertly” they can save money by paying that person less.

When you sign that piece of paper saying you agree to the “wages”, its a contract. You have agreed to the wages they have decided to pay you. If you didn’t negotiate, nothing you can say. If you didn’t have enough clout to negotiate (experience, education), nothing you can say. If you did negotiate and they didn’t agree to “your” terms and you sign anyway, nothing you can say. Eventually, you have to decide to get paid what you are worth. Otherwise, you will always feel that you are “trapped”.

If you have decided that it is time for a change, but don’t know how to move forward, call me at 706-393-8426, refer this article and I will give you an option that is working for me…..Do you feel that you deserve more than what you have right now? And if you are getting everything you want and need, do you know someone that you can help get to that same point?

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Millionaire Mindset

To be a millionaire, you have to hang out with millionaires, regularly. Some people don’t want to be millionaires. Nothing wrong with striving and breaking your back for $500 a week (which is actually $399 after taxes and after bills, expenses and trying to have a life…… ), but why do that if you don’t have to? My $500 a week is different because it’s not taxed and although I’m responsible for my own taxes, I have an accountant for that and because of my tax breaks, I keep more of my money each year. That phrase “i gotta do what i gotta do”, why don’t people actually apply it? If you have to do whatever to earn income for yourself and your family, why not earn the highest amount possible for your efforts and production?

When you sign the dotted line for the position that you interviewed for, you agree to work at the “given” wage no matter what. No matter how many hours they make you work, how many times they disrespect you, deny promotions, make you train other people, make you work other people’s positions without a raise, no matter how much you hate the people around you, it doesn’t matter. And every year you are evaluated and “hope” that it garners a raise (50 cents, a dollar…..) A person in Tampa told me she worked at Bank Of America and despite being their over a decade, got a 30 cent raise. 30 cents…… Think about that.

Control of your destiny. Truthfully, have you really thought about what you are doing right this minute. Have you become satisfied with where you are? If you have the perfect life (you love what you do to earn a living, you love the money you are making, you can walk away right now and not work if you chose to, your children have a substantial inheritance waiting on them when you pass away) that is excellent. But most can’t say any of the above…

Yes, just because you have a millionaire mindset doesn’t guarantee you’ll become a millionaire. But it does guarantee you will always have more one month to the other.

Get out your calculator. Add up what you have made over past ten years. Then add up all of your most expensive bills each month, over ten years. Then subtract the difference. Are you happy with the number? Most people that have been making at least $20,000 a year have made $200,000 in ten years of working, but have nothing to show for it. How many more decades will you go and not have nothing to show for all of your “sacrifices”??????

The “job” of a job is not to make you wealthy, rich or financially stable. It’s to be profitable. If you happen to make a living, that’s great. But the moment your job decides that downsizing your position is in best interests of the long term success of the company, you’re gone….

There is nothing wrong with working a job. But to work a job simply to pay daily expenses? There is nothing wrong with having a career. Until you feel that you are deserving of recognition, promotion to the next level or even possibly running everything and you are “laughed” at or even threatened with losing your position for thinking such thoughts. At that point, you have a decision to make. Either stay where you are at forever or leave. Nothing in between. But you can’t just leave. But you can create an “exit strategy”. Some people decide to work another position in another field. Some people take on part-time work. Some people invest heavily in stocks, precious gems, etc. Some people create a business of their own, and work it until their business exceeds the money they’re making from the job they’re trying to leave.

You can’t complain about a situation you are in if you never try to do something about it. You have to at least “try”. Whatever you choose to do, put the research into it. Ask questions. If something makes sense, do it. If it doesn’t, leave it alone. Choice. As a human it’s our most precious gift. You can choose where you want to go and what you want to do. And if you’re somewhere that choice is not available to you, then you have to try to go somewhere where it is.

Are you ready to choose? Are you ready to give up on the things that keep you where you don’t want to be? Are you ready to at least “look” at alternatives? You like the company you work for? Great, continue studying, increase your knowledge so that your executives can see your value and keep you and in fact promote you. You are thinking about moving to another city or state or country? Wonderful, education is definitely key as well as honing your current skills. Considering starting your own company using your skills and abilities or doing something you enjoy? Good idea, develop a solid business and marketing plan, create the advertising and marketing tools and do it. Thought about investing in an existing franchise? Save your money, do the research and do it and work as hard as you do for your current or past employers.

Nothing is easy. Nothing is guaranteed. But if you never try to do more, you guarantee that you will never know what the possibilities were.

I have aided people in creating business plans for record labels, clothing lines, a security company, a barbershop, and more. I’ve created documentation for different companies such as a film production company, several models and artists and others. I’ve helped several people conceptualize ideas for their own business. I’ve helped people invest in franchises. If you would like help or know someone that needs help, have them call 706-393-8426 and refer this article.

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