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Do you have the juice? Xtreme Paintball is open for business!

We all enjoy winning. Spirit of competition is strong in most people. And, as humans, sometimes we have aggression that we sometimes have trouble finding an outlet that doesn’t hurt others. If there was something that would allow you to experience all these things at the same time, you’d do it wouldn’t you????

Xtreme Paintball in Conyers is your answer!!

Paintball is a sport that is utilizes elements of playing “tag” at a higher level and playing “war” without anybody getting hurt. Most play in teams, which many companies take advantage of as team building exercises. Or, groups of families or friends play to have a good time. Available to most age ranges, it lets people get outdoors, break a sweat, and most importantly feel like “let’s do that again” when finished.

The environment of Xtreme Paintball is multifaceted. Different obstacles, bunkers, even forts are available to give a real sense of “a game” and makes your outing much more exciting. Three acres gives you plenty of room no matter what the size of your group is!

Ty Hubbard is one of the co-owners of Xtreme Paintball. I’ve known him for over 33 years so I know he is serious about his business, making sure its safe for all players and fun as well.

Xtreme Paintball is located in Conyers, Ga. It’s not far from Stonecrest Mall and if you’re in Atlanta, it’s only 20 minutes away.

For details on how to reserve a day for your family, company outing, etc, call 770-648-6210 today and let them know Chris Royster told you call!! You can also visit www.xpcpaintball.com.

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Hard Work, hourly wages. Does it matter to you?

Math. If you’ve worked for 10 years you should have at least $12,000 in the bank. Most of us don’t, because we could not afford to save $100 a month in a ten year span. This means that the employer (or employers) we have had did not paid us enough. Not enough to cover regular life expenses, emergency expenses, and fun expenses. It means that we were totally dependent on the next “check” and if we don’t get that check (company can’t meet payroll for some reason, or a “system” error prevents your money going into your account for four days), bad things happen. like having to borrow money to pay necessary bills, thus putting you in debt. Now you’re job has to pay your regular bills plus pay back the debt and you don’t get a raise until next year. The system that we’ve been working under all of our lives doesn’t work like it used to in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. Technology, education has changed things drastically.

Cost of living has skyrocketed. Companies basically have said you are still worth what people were worth 20 years ago doing the same “job” and have refused to pay per the level of what “stuff” costs nowadays. That makes total sense if a company wants to continue to make insane profits at the expense of their “workers”. But does that benefit you? Especially if you work hard, if you’re loyal, you’re dedicated, you directly aid in the companies success, etc?

Do you have a choice in the matter? If the “way it is” doesn’t work for you, what can you do? Do you want to do anything else? Some people decide to work extra jobs to make up the difference. But that doesn’t really work in making things “better” because of the additional hours you’re working a week and the extra expenses incurred from the extra jobs (gas for the car, eating out more, cleaning clothes, etc). Some decide to go back to school, but this isn’t as much of a guarantee as it used to be years ago and if you don’t get a scholarship, you’re paying for it out of pocket or you will be paying back a large school loan. Some decide to start a business. Most people tho are never as dedicated to work for themselves as they are for someone else. But most never believe they have to spend money in their own business for it to be successful. To have the chance to make hundreds of thousands with Papa Johns’s, you must pay $50,000. For Subway, $15,000. For Mcdonalds, $750,000. And that’s just to earn the right to use the brand name. You still have expenses of starting up (building, inventory, food, employees, utilities, etc) and of course, taxes.

You can start your own business for smaller amounts of money. Accounting, Graphic Design, Lawn Maintenance, Electrician, etc. What are you good at? How much effort are you willing to put into something? How much income do you need to make to make it worth it to do something on your own? These are questions you must ask yourself in starting a business.

So what’s the point? If you work hard for your employer and you’re receiving fair wages you have a great situation. But if you do not feel you’re getting fair pay for your hard work, what are you going to do about it? If you’d like help considering options, feel free to contact me below. I found an option that allows me to never rely on what someone has “pre-determined” what I am worth. You can call me at 7063938426 and be sure to refer this article. Isn’t time to have a “backup plan”?

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Are you part of the system?

How much to people spend at Walmart every week? Every month? How much do people spend at Dollar General a week? A month? Any random electronic store, how much? Major department store? How much? How much do you spend putting gas in your car every week? Consider the structure of those companies. You have one person that owns the company, that person makes money off of the work of all the employees under him (or her). That person earns a percentage of all income generated from the efforts of all of those employees. He or she hires qualified people to manage the multiple facets of the company (presidents, directors, etc). Those people hire different managers. Those managers hire people to work directly on the sales floor or with customers over the phone. Those managers also hire people to do the manual work necessary to make the company “operational”. And we all have a part in making these companies billions of dollars a year, we actually might work for one of these companies. But most never consider what the actual structure of these companies looks like from top to bottom. They also never consider that when you agree to work for a company, you’re automatically limited in how much you can make and how far you can rise up in a company.

I know someone at one of the biggest insurance companies on earth. When I worked there, she was in management. Now, she is chief operating officer. Took 15 years plus. But she will never be chief executive officer. She’ll never “run” the company. Why? Because that privilege is reserved for his/her family members (even if they’re not qualified for the job). Is that right? Many would say “it is what it is” and “that’s a pretty good position to have”. And that’s true. And most would be content with that. But if she isn’t, only recourse she has is to quit and start her own insurance company. Anybody that aspires to “call all the shots” can only do so by creating their own company, establishing their own guidelines, decide what people that they want working for them and with them, and initiating an operational system and work towards growing their company. Most people would say that’s too much “work” and thus work for someone else, forever. A few have decided to create their own company, and we thus have Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and millions of other companies that are responsible for the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, etc. These people took a tremendous risk, a leap of faith, not knowing that they would own multi-billion dollar companies and have thousands of employees. But that’s what they ended up with because they “tried.

It’s not easy, but is it worth it? Yes. Yes it is.

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Isn’t It Time To Do It For You?

Why complain about the job you have and the money you don’t make on your job if you’re not willing to change it? There is no risk involved. You don’t have to quit your job to do your own thing. math. If it took you 5 years to never have to worry about money again is it worth it? Because are you in the position to not worry about money after working for someone else the last two year? Five years? Ten years? Fifteen years? The typical person that has worked at least ten years should have at least $12,000 in the bank. Why? Because you should have been able to save $100 a month for 12 months for 10 years. Why don’t most? Because we couldn’t afford it. That $100 had to go somewhere. Another bill. Food. Kids. Or…………a video game. Pair of new shoes that we really didn’t need but wanted. A club night. Your job has just barely gotten you over the hump. Wouldn’t it make sense to do something that is risk free, would allow you to write off most of your daily expenses for tax purposes, and on top of that, give you the opportunity to actually earn income based on “you”… if you feel you are worth it? You have to make that decision. And if you dont want to base it on nothing else, base it on money. everybody needs and wants more money. You keep asking for it at your job and what do they tell you? “i’ll get back to you”. That isn’t satisfactory when you work hard, are loyal, and contribute to the “success” of the company and you get no tangible benefits from it other than your check every two weeks. Nothing wrong with that, unless you feel you are overworked for the pay you are getting and not getting “recognized” on top of that. Is that you? Do you feel you are ready to make a difference over the next ten years of your life. The contact me at 7063938426 and I will give you an option that you should consider. Get the information, then you can decide for yourself if it can work for you.

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