Nov 27

Sports update for everybody, Hawks, Falcons, Braves, etc

It’s good that the Thrashers lasted this long. After the Danny Heatley incident, and then getting rid of Kovi, writing was on the wall. No team can sustain a period of success without a bonifide star, especially in a town like Atlanta, that has no true passion for sports. Plus, they are probably the worse marketed franchise of any of the teams we have in town. If we lose the Atlanta Thrashers, it will be messed up, but they deserve to go somewhere where owners and public care.

The Atlanta Braves. Don’t know why they love to play more than 9 innings, but they need to figure it out and soon. Bullpen will only hold up so long. Not being able to hold leads this early in season, doesn’t bode well if they make it to playoffs again. The hitting is still not there although they have a lineup that on paper should hit consistently. Heyward is starting to look like our Greg Oden. But at least Chipper is being Chipper still. Uggs is supposed to be our new pop in the middle of lineup, still hasn’t really happened. We need a real threat in the lineup, don’t know where it’s going to come from. Starting pitching can match it up with anybody tho and as bad as they’ve played, they are right there.

Falcons, lockout.

Atlanta Hawks. I shorten what I wrote on the Hawks FB page the other day. Dwight is not a free agent until the 2012 season. We don’t have enough to trade for him. Tyson Chandler tho not a post up center that commands double’s, he would move Al to the 4 and Josh to the 3. That would fix half the issues the team has. I could live with Tyson and Zaza at the 5 spot. Jeff Green is a free agent, would be a great backup for Al. If we keep Jamal, Powell, and Damien, get rid of the rest of the bench and get Stojakovic. That would give you 3 legit scorers off the bench plus Z and Powell to bang with people. Get one more defensive minded person for the bench, maybe Bogans and you can have a shot of getting to the Eastern Conference Finals. That’s only if Drew will threaten to have snipers in the crowd if anybody holds the ball longer than 2 seconds on offense and if they can learn how to play the pick and roll and play out of double teams. And how to play 48 minutes a game. we had a 55 win team lose 15 games for no reason other than effort. If Drew starts the season like that again, he has to go.

Starting Lineup Tyson Chandler, Al Horford, Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, Jeff Teague and bench Kirk, Jamal, Stojakovic, Jeff Green, ZaZa with Damien, Josh Powell and Keith Bogans coming in for defense. with coaching, this team could make stuff happen.

Your life revolves around taxes, are the odds in your favor?

Have you looked at IRS.gov lately? Do you know what tax bracket you are in? It’s one thing you can’t ignore. Your tax rate effects how much money you end up with each month, each year. For example, if your job tells you that you make $30,000 a year, you have to subtract $4000 right off the bat. So now you make $26,000 a year. Divide that by 12 months. You earn roughly $2100 a month. Subtract your expenses (rent, utilities, car note, insurance, gas, food, personal hygiene, clothes, cell phone). How much do you have left? When tax time comes, how much of that $4000 will you get back? Will you get any back? Will you actually “owe” taxes? If you could get more of that money back, would that be a good or bad thing? If you could earn extra money without being penalized for being placed into a new tax bracket, would that be a good or bad thing???? If you’d like to know how its possible, contact me.

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Do you have a backup plan in case you’re “surprised” with bad news?

One of the biggest examples in the last 5 years of how “a job” is not “guaranteed” is the announcement this week that CNN is laying off 300 employees. That Turner Broadcasting is laying off over 1000 people over the next year. One of the biggest networks on the planet is laying off people, because of competition. Because of factors they can’t control, people, who probably thought they were going to work for the same company for decades, are now looking for work. Did any of them plan for this? Do they have a backup plan? Do you have a backup plan? if not, why????? Isn’t it time to start planning now rather than waiting for the worse to happen???? Would you like help to begin looking at options? If yes, feel free to contact me. 706-393-8426

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What would you if you had no insurance in a life emergency?

Remember the movie “John Q”? When people are dependent on their job to provide healthcare, then the job decides to not provide healthcare or layoff a person, what does that person do if they or someone in their family suddenly have a life threatening illness?? Does it matter? Ever think about it? If you don’t have a backup plan or alternative, someone that you love could die.

There are millions of people in process of losing healthcare care because their jobs can’t afford to provide insurance. There are millions in between jobs that have no way to get access to doctors or medicine at an affordable rate. There are people who need help and you know who they are. I can help them. I can help people secure subsidies for their families. I can help provide health and life insurance to protect a family if the worse happens. Why wouldn’t you tell someone so they can get the information and find out what options they have, especially if they can save money? Only reason my dad is still alive is because of insurance. If you or someone you know need alternatives in healthcare or life or health insurance, call me at 7063938426 to discuss. #johnq #laidoff #fired #benefits #health #life #insurance

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Do you want to see the world burn???

Sometimes people do things to purposely try to stop you from doing what you want to do. They know that they are bringing you difficulty. They believe they have power to crush your dreams and goals. All you have to do is replace them. quickly or slowly, but just replace them and move on. Show them they are not as important as they think they are. I’m not a Lebron James fan, but i saw a video clip that again proves one of my points. some people, many people, would rather bring everybody down to the depths of pain, anguish, misery and having no money on the basis of “we got to stick together”, “we all we got”, “the man is keeping us down”, rather than wanting to see people “rise up”.

Rather than supporting those that are trying to “not be poor forever”. Rather than supporting those that are “trying” to build their own thing, be a better person, etc. why is that? Sometimes the phrase “if its too good to be true, it usually isn’t” is sometimes wrong. WHAT IF IT IS TRUE??????? What if you’re entire life could change, why are so many willing to risk never finding out just because of PRIDE? Why do many people just want to see the world burn???

What do you think?

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