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Are you ready for the worst case scenario?

I wrote an article about the #jobs being cut at #CNN last year. That #Target is closing 11 stores. Now #CocaCola is cutting 1800 jobs. Walgreens is closing 200 stores. Wal-Mart shut down 5 stores because of plumbing issues for 6 months, laid off everybody, gave them 2 months severance, then said their jobs are not guaranteed when the store re-opens. Mcdonald’s is closing 700 stores this year. RadioShack closed “all” of its stores, they’re out of business…….JP Morgan is laying off 5000 people to “save money”.

Whether its worldwide or in your backyard, people that thought they would work in the same company forever are now out of work. If they had no backup plan at all, they face the very real possibility of losing their home, car, everything. It happened to me. Went to work one day, pulled into office, told that they are cutting positions. I held things off for 6 months, lost my apartment right before I found a new position only to lose that position for being “over qualified”. I was told I was too good, and since there were no executive positions available, they were going to pay me until I found a new position somewhere else..Unfortunately, there was nothing available and I lost everything and ended up being homeless for a time.

Do you have options in case you lost your job? if not, why? If you have options have you acted on them? have you been saving money over the past 5-10 years? Have you been investing in stocks or precious metals? Have you made private investments in different companies? Do you have your own business that you operate? Are you doing “something”? If you can’t show and prove that you are “indispensable” to the company you work for, there is the possibility you can lose your job.

It’s not about loyalty, not about how much they like you, its the bottom line. But guess what, there are some ignorant people that make decisions in some of these companies and so even if you are the most “productive” person, you could still lose your job. I used to work at Coca-Cola. I worked, believing I was going to work there for years. I applied for different positions after I was there 9 months and had gotten very proficient at my current position. I never heard back from anyone. I go to HR, and somehow they can’t find a listing of my applications. I find a job willing to pay me $3 more an hour than what I was making. When I tell the manager I’m leaving, she tries to convince me to stay (at the same position mind you), then asks if I could come in on weekends to “help out” and I’d get paid “time and a half” from a company I know longer actually work for. Does that make any sense?

If you have never thought about this, the beginning of a new year is the best time to do so. you don’t want to wake up one morning and see your company on the news laying off people, then you get a call “not to come in”….. Are you ready to protect yourself? Are you ready to begin looking at different avenues and options to maintain the lifestyle that you are used to. Or are you just so used to “making ends meet”, it doesn’t matter? Are you living or existing?

Be selfish. Protect your family.

What are your thoughts? Email me at chris.royster13@gmail.com. Would you like help with reviewing options that could help you be more prepared? Call me at 706-393-8426 today. Maybe you’ve thought about starting your own business and you need help with creating a business plan, a marketing plan, etc. Maybe you need a website, a tv commercial. Have you looked at the thousands of franchises out there that are out there that you could be involved with? It doesn’t hurt to know what is available to you.

Is it time for you to change?

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or other organization. The entrepreneur develops a business model, acquires the human and other required resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure. Entrepreneurship operates within an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The reason that 98% of the world refuses to be an entrepreneur is that they are comfortable with someone else determining the things that happen in their life rather than they themselves being in control. Your time is your life. Money is not as important as time. When someone else can control your family destiny with an email, how does that really make you feel? Have you thought about it? And if not, why not? Because there are thousands of people that won’t have a way to earn money coming back from July 4th holiday, because someone is making a decision to “cut costs”. How many times can you be in a position of experiencing periodic layoffs, downsizing, business closings, personal vendettas or, not even being able to gain employment because of being “overqualified”? There are people that die at work, from heart attacks, caused by immense stress, strain and pressure.

Everybody has to decide whether or not the stress and strain of walking on egg shells to maintain a standard of living that is not satisfactory to you is worth it. The other reason 98% of the world refuses to become or even “try” to be an entrepreneur? They are more afraid of the responsibility of success that suffering failure and “i told you so”. Everything a person could ever want could be at their fingertips, but they won’t reach for it because of what might happen if they actually “do it”. If you are one of the fortunate ones that has a perfect life, making the perfect money, doing exactly what you love doing to make the money, you have all the time in the world to do the things you love doing when not at work, you spend as much time as you want with loved ones, count yourself as having a blessing among blessings. But if not, if you hate what you do everyday, hate what you have to go through everyday to keep your job, hate the money that you’re allowed to make, hate that you have no personal time and all you do is work and sleep, you never really see your family, is what you are doing really working out? And if not, is it worth it to change?

What are you good at? Are you great in the kitchen? Can you making clothing? Are you great at repairing cars? Can you build things from scratch? What can you do with a computer? There is something that all of us can do better than someone else that we can earn our own money from. And if there isn’t, guess what? There are thousands of companies that already exist that you can take and make it your own. To never “try” is the only failure. Anybody that attempts to create something on their own is never a failure, because you can’t fire yourself. You either succeed or you QUIT. That’s it. Isn’t it worth it to try to succeed?

Would like help to start your own business from scratch? Would you like help to begin redistributing the money that you have coming into your household to save more of it monthly? Would you like options in investing in qualified businesses that will give you more financial freedom? Call 305-204-1826 to setup a free appointment.

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Casting men and women for short film and television pilot in Atlanta

Eventually, as an actor or actress you have to be able to tell someone that you are in something and then be able to “show” them. If you have still not appeared in a project and would like an opportunity to, here is your chance. Short film being shot in Atlanta within the next few months. The featured actress is someone with credits in television, publications, film, talk shows and more. Several roles for both men and women are being casted. It’s a short film, which will serve as the promo for the television show and possible feature film.


Male: between 24-30, at least 6′1 in height, handsome.

Female: between 21-26, at least 5′3 in height, attractive.

Several speaking roles available, so submit headshots and resumes asap if you have them to chris@imtmworldwide.com. Ladies also send full body images and measurements.

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