Ok, so she got me

So Anna Lisa has started her acting course at school. earlier she calls me, tells me about her day. then she mentions that she went to the doctor, and she was told she had Lupus. after a pause, she went on to explain how she wasnt given much info and if she wanted to know more, she had to ask her mother. she asked me about what Lupus was and if there were particular symptoms. I google it, and begin to give her bits and pieces of info. I ask again why wasnt she told info and if she asked at all about what she had. She asked me if she can die from it. I hesitate cause im reading about survival rates, and that its not curable. i slowly mention these things. she pauses again. says that she’s crying some. we talk for about 5 more minutes, then she starts laughing real loud. then she says, “chris, i cant believe you fell for that”.

payback is coming

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