New on the scene, Jessika Fleites

Jessika is a young lady that has decided to pursue goals related to modeling, acting and other projects. Here is a brief introduction to learn a little bit about her.
Born in the city of Havana Cuba, Jessika was raised in the U.S. Living in a household where her parents were divorced was very difficult, as her mother was left to take care of everything alone. Despite several issues and problems growing up, circumstances changed as she became a young woman. Jessika has a strong belief in God, has a huge family that supports her, and a will to fight for her dreams. In Cuba at age seven she had thoughts of being a model, and actually gained some experience over a three year span. This is when she realized that becoming a true talent was a passion.

Within the next five years Jessika sees herself featured in publications, television shows, commercials and more. Although school and work takes much of her time, she enjoys shopping, spending time with her family, and watching movies. Trying to stay healthy, Jessika eats seafood but does love mothers Cuban cooking. Her first photoshoot was interesting. It rained, there were tourists wanting to take pictures with her and various other things that she’ll never forget. She recently had her second shoot, both for Simply Innovative Magazine, and she again acquired some amazing images. Below is a short video from her first shoot. Jessika is ready to give her best effort, will you be the first to give her a chance?

Here is Jessika in her first Music Video

Look for Jessika in Simply Innovative Magazine this December!

If you would like this bilingual talent from Cuba in a professional project that you have, please submit details and budget to

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