Kavita Channe is Miss…….in the 2012 IMTM Swimsuit Calendar!!

Yes I was nervous after getting everybody together to shoot the first model of my 2012 IMTM Swimsuit Calendar. After a few years of attempts, everything came into place where I have the opportunity to really get it done. I had assembled a great crew, and Kavita Channe was able to schedule things to where I could lay the ground work for the upcoming months.

But there’s always a catch. This time, it was the weather. Deerfield Beech was the location selected. But upon arriving, the first thing you noticed was the wind was blowing, hard. It had to be at least 20-30 miles per hour. We get out to the beach and Kavita’s hair was blowing every which way. Even under their pier offered little protection. In fact, we almost got soaked as an unexpected wave hit the beach. After seeing the waves crashing at dangerous heights and speeds, reading the signs saying “Danger, do not swim or you will die”, it was decided that we go to plan b.

Technically I didn’t have a plan b, but Kavita made some calls on people living in the area. Eventually we ended up at a home in the area. It was a great residence, pool, dock with two boats on it, outside furniture, really nice. Once Genevie made sure Kavita’s makeup and hair were straight, we began.

Behind the scenes shot by me of course

After going brain dead for the first 20 minutes or so, I was able to start pulling shots and poses that would best fit the concept I’m going for. Kavita as usual takes great direction and Orinary Creations did a great job of taking what I told him and bringing it out.

This was an exciting shoot because of all the different environments available, the weather was perfect and Orinary Creations, 1st Class Imagery and Makeup artist Genevie did such a good job in helping me. And of course Kavita was in perfect shape.

After the photoshoot was complete, Kavita and I were able to kick back and relax. She actually convinced me to get into the hot tub for awhile. But I wasn’t getting on any jet ski’s. She on the other hand, couldn’t wait.

Overall the weekend was very successful, I had a lot of fun hanging out with Kavita and her boyfriend Griffen (we watched a lot of football and and even more food after the shoot was over, I won’t say how much, lol).

Stay tuned as the 2012 IMTM Swimsuit Calendar continues. Next, Aniley Perez!!!!!!!!!

You should buy your copy now!! Email imtmworldwide@gmail.com for information. Support Kavita and the beautiful ladies. Also, come meet them December 9th at www.trioonthebay.com for my IMTMIAMI Launch Event where I will release the cover of the calendar!

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