Jessica Rochelle is the ultimate model/actress/hostess

Jessica is a real woman that has real life challenges that all of us share. Keeping the bills paid, school, relationships, family, she is normal in these things. However, there is the other side of her that transforms and makes her the talent you see as Jessica Rochelle.

Within the realms of magazines, videos, fashion Jessica has accomplished much. Vblazin, Cred, Silk, are a few magazines she has been featured in and appeared on covers. Videos such as “Cash Flow” (Ace Hood, Rick Ross, T-Pain) have featured her. She has appeared in commercials with Nissan and Cabre Santana.

Jessica’s concentration over the past year has been to further establish her brand. She has incorporated a weekly blog into her routine and her personal website has garnered rave reviews.

One of her goals is to be a role model to younger girls that look to modeling and acting as a career, to help them avoid the pitfalls of the industry. Of course, she wants to be remembered as a successful talent in the industry. Do you believe she can do it? Visit and tell her!!

Jessica is available for budgeted projects pertaining to fashion, publications, television, commercials and film. To inquire about her availability, email

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