GiGi could’ve let an opportunity pass, she was rewarded for her efforts

On Monday I saw an opportunity for a part in a project being shot in Atlanta. I asked GiGi if she was available Tuesday in case she was selected. She said she was, so I submitted her. Around 11:30pm I received email saying she was selected and that she would get a call in the morning with pertinent info. Around 11:30a.m she calls to say she had not gotten a call still. I contact the company to see what their schedule was. They apologized, and said calls had not been made yet, and would start around 1pm. It was important for me to call because I did not want GiGi to hold up her whole day on a phone call that may never come.

Well, after 2pm came and went I again called, left vm’s, emails. Then told GiGi that if after 3:30pm they don’t call, don’t worry about it. She was selected, made herself available, they had burden of proof. But I also told her that things do change, production schedules adjust, and since she is in town it makes it a bit easier to deal with. But in addition, if they did call her and they say for her to be somewhere at a certain time, traffic was now going to play a part.

They called her not too long after my last voicemail. She called me back to tell me what they said regarding her actual usage, wardrobe, location and time. GiGi was worried because the transportation she arranged was far away and it was rush hour. I told her again to not worry about that, call them and tell them that since they called late, they would have to know she might get there later than the stated time. In the end, she was able to make it on time.

The initial information notated that the part was a principal extra, she would be assigned a character, but it didn’t necessarily say she was getting a speaking role. However it did say she would be heavily featured as far as camera time, and she would get a copy of the work. She ended up having several lines, and actually had a set of things she had to do interaction wise with one of the actors in the project.

Many would’ve gave up when they didn’t get a call when they were initially told. Many wouldn’t have made the trip to the location of the shoot on basis of being worried about what will be said. Many wouldn’t have went just because they don’t want to take as many opportunities needed to improve skills and visibility. Because GiGi did, she now will have footage to add to her reel. She now will have something to give people an idea of how she looks on screen, how she sounds, etc.

The production company she worked with have won awards at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Will her project get to that point? You never know.

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