Flying Without Wingz, looking for those who long for “individualism”

To say that Flying Without Wingz are the most unique hip hop duo around right now is an understatement. Just because they are “flying” under the radar still does not mean that people are not noticing.

How is it that television personalities ask to work with them?

“Soldier” Lisa D’Amato feat Irawniq of Flying Without Wingz

How is it that clothing lines ask them to wear their product in music videos?

“Playdate”-Flying Without Wingz

Flying Without Wingz – Playdate from SBK∆TYG on Vimeo.

How is it that several people within the different facets of the entertainment industry are drawn to them? Whether it’s an individual artist looking to collaborate, people looking to create animated series around them (The Junk Food Kids), promoters looking for them to open at events, Flying Without Wingz steadily continue to turn heads and gain new fans.

For the past two years they have grown stronger in their live performances, writing and continue to prove that you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing to be successful. Still independent, they work hard to record their own music. Their latest project, “Mechanism” has the best collection of songs they have created to this point.

Visit their website at so you can personally see and hear for yourself so you don’t have to be the last one to know. Flying Without Wingz will be the group to watch in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

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