Florida Models in Atlanta June 2010

Saturday night at Luckie Lounge

I haven’t been in Atlanta since last October, so I was looking forward to seeing people I haven’t seen in months. Looked forward to having a fun weekend along with being productive. The purpose was to have some of the Florida talent that I work with get a chance to visit another city, get some new images, attend a casting, and get juices flowing to want to do things of this nature on a regular basis.

Friday June 4th.

First thing we had to do was go and get Jerika’s drivers license. She had taken the test earlier in the week, but because of a Lee county foul up, had to take it again. so she rescheduled for first thing in the morning. After that we were going to pick up rental. Didn’t know how important it would be for her to have gotten her license at the time, but it was a big deal. Anyway, she passed the test and we had breakfast at her mom’s house. Of course, we were held hostage for awhile, and by time we got to rental spot it was 12pm.

Once we arrive, everything seems cool at first. Then the guy behind counter makes a motion to another person at the counter. He then says, “Sir we can’t rent the vehicle to you”. I’m like “I’ve paid for it. I have a confirmation number, what do you mean you can’t rent it to me?”. From there there was back and forth about something being flagged, me asking about how they have my money, calling corporate, etc. Needless to say I was pretty hot. Finally, we added the additional fee so Jerika Lynn could put the car under her name (which we wouldn’t have been able to do without her license). They gave us a bit bigger car for our trouble.

So now we have the car and it’s almost 2pm. We proceed to let Beatrice Jean know that we’re about to head out when she says that she is on her way to meet us at airport. Unfortunately, that barely went down cause she got pulled over for speeding.

Once we get Beatrice, we head back to crib to finish packing. Shenese Caldwell hits me up to say she is indeed going, so we get directions on get on the road. It’s a little after 4pm.

Eventually we arrive in St Petersburgh and we stop so we can eat and charge cell phones. While we wait, we see this guy across the street with a sign .

Once we find where Shenese lives, we pack her luggage in the car and get back on the road.

Saturday June 5
Many hours later, we make it to hotel and fall asleep. I believe we arrived around 3 or 4am. Our shoot was to begin at 8am, of course that didn’t happen. Shenese was going to be shooting with Nureign, somebody that she had worked with in the past. Jerika Lynn and Beatrice Jean were shooting with COC Photography, somebody that I’ve worked with in the past. Both shoots were going to be on locations, in different parts of Atlanta.

Our first location was on the North side of Atlanta at a gas station (full of real gasoline folks, no smoking). I don’t have any video cause I was holding the reflector. But I will post some of the pics from the shoot. After warming up, both models took some really cool pics. They also took some pics together, which I don’t have many multiple model looks, so I was happy about that. The heat was definitely a factor, but Jerika and Beatrice pushed through and we packed up and headed to next location.

Now the first look was supposed to be swimsuit. But because of the location not being available (after a lot of prodding by COC Photography), we had to postpone until later. So we started driving towards his second choice and we pull into this office park. We step out, and apparently he plans to shoot the girls here. Now if you know me, I’m wondering that even tho this is Saturday and nobody is here, this isn’t the time to be getting in trouble. We start shooting and eventually security comes out to say we have to move our cars. She doesn’t see Corey shooting on the bottom of the property yet. But soon she does, and comes back out to say we have to leave. Jerika was finished, so I brought her up to the top saying we were done, and basically stalled while Corey shot Beatrice. So the swimsuit shots you see of them were under fire sort of speak. But they came out hot!!

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