Do you have to “SEE” to believe? See Christa Graziano now!

We base “celebrity” by how much a person is seen and heard. Whether it’s on the news, the radio, television show, website, magazine or personal appearance, that is how people’s stature is “rated”. So if people are booking people based off of that, wouldn’t you think somebody that has appeared in multiple publications, multiple “popular” videos with “mainstream” artists as well as hosted events in multiple cities would warrant the title “celebrity”???

Christa Graziano is one such person. With a continually growing book of work, she has fans both in the United States and foreign countries. Despite the fact there is a large period of time where Christa wasn’t modeling for personal reasons, she is a huge example of why you never let obstacles completely stop you from pursuing a goal.

This beautiful young woman of mixed African American/Italian descent makes the people she is around happy. Her onscreen presence is undeniable. As she begins to transition into television and film, you will get to see on a worldwide scale what her current fans have seen always, Christa is a STAR!!

Here is a little taste of what she has done. Click on this sentence to download her music video reel to see all of the high profile artists she has worked with professionally thus far. If you wish to book her, simply email imtmworldwide@gmail with your budgeted project specifics.

Also watch Christa’s interview by Nicole Poetry!

Special s/o to Nicole of She did a great job on both of Christa’s video!

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