Competition, will you do what is necessary to beat it??

Somewhere down the road you have to draw a line in the sand and say “I have to, cause everybody else around me is”. Whether that means taking pictures, submitting to opportunities more, attending more castings, promoting yourself to let people know you are available, letting people know there is a process in actually booking you, writing your monologues, practicing poses and facial expressions, practicing being on camera, exercising, etc…you have to decide that you will do it once you say “I’m putting myself out there”. If you don’t, someone that you know that is not half as talented or half as good looking will get what you want.

Sometimes people get picked because they showed up and nobody else did. Many get picked because they will change and adjust their image until the people they are trying to get to notice them, notices them. Others get picked because they have proof that they deserve to be utilized in a project. Still others do get picked because of the proverbial “hook up”, but that only goes so far. Getting in front of somebody still doesn’t mean you got it or will get picked again. You still have to prove you’re worthy for the opportunity.

Those that decide to help you deserve full opportunity to utilize the skills and resources they have to help you. If you don’t give them the tools that the industry says you have to have, you can’t expect too much to happen. And you definitely can’t say too much about it. You can, but it won’t do much good. You’re going to have to produce the same materials to whoever you use, they are going to ask you. If you’re not willing to give it to one person, let time pass in not having ample opportunities, then begin to give those things to somebody else?

Nothing is guaranteed. And there are millions saying they are models, actors, artists, etc. If you stand yourself up against the person ahead of you and behind you, what are the differentiations?? Every little bit counts. If that means having something on paper saying what you have done, no matter how small, and the person behind you in that casting line has nothing, you’ve created an advantage. If someone looks like you exactly from head to toe but your picture looks better, eh. If someone looks at your reel that shows everything you’ve done on camera to date or your monologue reel to show what you could do and it’s better than someone in Hollywood guess what, you might get picked. Might. It’s better than not having a chance to get picked at all.

I have had dozens upon dozens of talented people get picked for something. But then I found that many didn’t see getting picked for anything again. Some were really just trying it out, for fun. Others had drastic circumstances occur and they stopped. But for many, the motivation to actually have to work on a daily, weekly, monthly basis was not there. There are going to be a lot of “no”, and if that isn’t acceptable, you shouldn’t put skilled and talented service providers in a position of wanting to believe in you when you know you don’t have the stomach for rejection.

But in the end, you have to want to at least show up to stuff that people ask you to come to. Especially if it is on a reference basis. At that point, somebody is expecting to see you. Whatever the circumstances (it’s too good to be true, no gas money, sometimes no money, sick) you should attempt to go and if you can’t tell somebody! Things can be worked out, but not if nobody knows. No show no calls kill business.

I know that there will be somebody in a major television show or film soon. I’ve sacrificed everything because of that belief. When it happens, it will be validation for everything I’ve gone through over the past few years. Sacrifice is a big part of trying to accomplish a goal, sometimes you have to give up things to get that “thing”. I’ve given up way more than I anticipated and many told me I should just dump everybody and start over or quit altogether and move to NY or become a diamond miner. Well, although moving to NY is still possible, I’m going to wait a bit longer. I still have a few people that I know can pull stuff off. And some have given me what I need to try to prove it. Now, it’s just a matter of time.

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