Chipper is gone for the year, Braves hanging on to first.

Well I thought Chipper would have a goodbye year by helping the Braves get back into first and maybe a shot at the World Series as Bobby Cox retires after this year. Chipper being out the rest of the season changes things. He says he wants to try to come back next year, but at 38 and bad legs, doubtful. Really bad that he misses on finishing starting with the rebuilding process that started a few years ago.

As of this posting the Braves are 3 games up on Philly. They still have the pitching, but they have injuries besides Chipper. Even if they hang on to first, the first round will show if they can do something or not. Chipper has been around since the 95 Series and is the only remaining Brave from that team. Let’s see what happens.

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