Are you part of the system?

How much to people spend at Walmart every week? Every month? How much do people spend at Dollar General a week? A month? Any random electronic store, how much? Major department store? How much? How much do you spend putting gas in your car every week? Consider the structure of those companies. You have one person that owns the company, that person makes money off of the work of all the employees under him (or her). That person earns a percentage of all income generated from the efforts of all of those employees. He or she hires qualified people to manage the multiple facets of the company (presidents, directors, etc). Those people hire different managers. Those managers hire people to work directly on the sales floor or with customers over the phone. Those managers also hire people to do the manual work necessary to make the company “operational”. And we all have a part in making these companies billions of dollars a year, we actually might work for one of these companies. But most never consider what the actual structure of these companies looks like from top to bottom. They also never consider that when you agree to work for a company, you’re automatically limited in how much you can make and how far you can rise up in a company.

I know someone at one of the biggest insurance companies on earth. When I worked there, she was in management. Now, she is chief operating officer. Took 15 years plus. But she will never be chief executive officer. She’ll never “run” the company. Why? Because that privilege is reserved for his/her family members (even if they’re not qualified for the job). Is that right? Many would say “it is what it is” and “that’s a pretty good position to have”. And that’s true. And most would be content with that. But if she isn’t, only recourse she has is to quit and start her own insurance company. Anybody that aspires to “call all the shots” can only do so by creating their own company, establishing their own guidelines, decide what people that they want working for them and with them, and initiating an operational system and work towards growing their company. Most people would say that’s too much “work” and thus work for someone else, forever. A few have decided to create their own company, and we thus have Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and millions of other companies that are responsible for the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, etc. These people took a tremendous risk, a leap of faith, not knowing that they would own multi-billion dollar companies and have thousands of employees. But that’s what they ended up with because they “tried.

It’s not easy, but is it worth it? Yes. Yes it is.

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